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Ship Paints
Best of class ship paints available with us, in competitive cost
Engine Spares
All types of engine spare parts available with us.
Fire Extinguishers
High Quality fire extinguishers are always in need and always in stock with us.
Ship Engines
High horse power and hand driven motors available.
GPS Panels
Fully programmed Gps panels available with us of major brands.We have easily install-able monitors which can be directly used with plug and play basis.
Lubricants & Engine oils
Highest Quality Engine oils for your motor maintenance.

Who We Are ?

We are dealers of all kinds of marine parts required for your fishing boats and cruising boats , Dhow cruises.

We provide best quality items in your lowest price possible, also warranty is also the best
We have huge stock of different kinds of products required for your marine needs, call us to know more.

Low cost Spare parts

High Quality Engines and Fan blades.

Best Quality Products

Highest Quality Radars, and Jotun Paints & other accessories

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Unbeatable Jotun Paints Available with us

We have best of class all weather resistant jotun paints for your ships in best price.
Our Products Range
We have almost all kinds of ship spare parts always in stock.
Ship Paints
We have best of the class ship paints.
Engine & Oils
High quality motors with best of class engine oils.
Lights & Spare parts
We have all kinds of lights & spare parts required for your ships
Fire Extinguishers
Easy to use fire retardants available with us.

Unbeatable High quality Ship spare parts for Marine needs

Go ahead give us a call, we will give you best possible price.
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